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ClockPro Accolades

Let us know what you think about ClockPro!

Positive feedback gives us energy to keep on working. Negative feedback is welcome too - it shows us the weak spots that need to be improved.

Just purchased a copy to replace my old version of [clock name removed] that doesn't play nice on my Treo and am definitely liking it so far

Personally, I like this program better than others I've tried, mainly for the sleek and functional look of the individual displays.

When my handheld crashed, the one program that I really missed was ClockPro. It's my life on the road.

Outstanding product! The screen design with the "touch" user interface/configuration capability is great. The product is very easy to use and configure once you become acquainted with it. I love the many features that are available with this product. I tried a lot of the clock products and the only one that came close was the [clock name removed] application by [company name removed].

I needed a timer and clock for a class I'm teaching and reviewed every Palm clock application that I could find. ClockPro is far and away the most thoughtfully designed and well executed. It contains some unusual user interface elements, but they work very well. Thanks for such a great clock.

WOW ... what a response. I also work in the service industry - in private banking (for a VERY large American bank in the UK but I'm sure you'll understand why I won't say which) - and can only ever dream of our bank delivering a reply of such quality ; incredibly quick, perfectly accurate, very detailed & clear instructions and even contingency action suggestions. Excellent job.

Thanks a million, it works well, even the upgrade. Good service, software and prompt response, what else can we wish for? Congratulations, and a great 2002!!!!!!!

Awesome sounds! I like the phone ring best. It can get you out of a meeting for any reason.

I'm a registered user of ClockPro 1.3 on my Palm Pilot Professional. I have to say it's the best program I have on my Palm which I've now had that for 4 years!

Your program is very nice/useful and I am now depending entirely on it for all my alarm needs.

Thank you for your assistance! I was very impressed with your FAQ -- more features than I expected!

I sure like your clock. I have this passion for clocks. It gives me some strange kind of pleasure just to look at them and your ClockPro is the best I have ever seen for the Palm.

Thank you for the quick & complete response! Being a customer-service type myself, I *love* getting good service! Keep up the good work; you've won yourself a dedicated customer.

Thank you very much for your support! I not only can recommend the product, but also the people behind!

What I once thought of as a very helpful and useful program has now become one of the most important Palm applications I use. Excellent program, thank you!

I upload shareware versions of what I use into our library where it will be seen by all our forum members and for them to download. It is because I am familiar with the product and in no way implies any relationship with the company. I only recommend a product I use AND is a safe, reliable and very useful product. Your product fits in these requirements very nicely!

Thanks for a great product.

Thank you! I love the program already...

Thank you for your great clock. My husband also has a Palm Pilot and he loves your clock. He installs very few applications on his Palm Pilot, so the fact that he has your demo on his says a lot.

A Beautiful and Professional Product! Keep up the good work.

Thanks for the numerous upgrades made available to registered users to ClockPro. As strange as it seems, this software is the less expensive I ever bought, and this product has almost one enhancement every month. The rule must therefore be that it is reversely proportional to the price paid for them. Continue your good work: the software is appreciated.

Have tried other "alarm" programs and all are just short beeps... cannot hear if Palm is across room or if on phone or using as a wake-up.

I like clock pro a lot. I've been using it as an alarm clock, and as a timer. Keep up the good work!

I really like the new version of ClockPro and especially the modification you made for the TaleVibe. Everyone at work is asking me about it, and all who have Palm III's I tell them about ClockPro and strongly recommend they buy it... Thanks for a GREAT! software product for my PalmIII (and thanks for modifying it for my TaleVibe!)

Thanks for the great program!

Just want to tell you how much use I get out of IcoEdit. Now I can trash [app name removed] - your app list is much cleaner than [app name removed]'s. And ClockPro is wonderful. I'm glad I registered.

Thank you for your time and keep up the good work (I love your program).

Please record me as a happy customer. Since registering there have been 2 updates and a price increase that I was sheilded from. Yeh!

Thanks once again for the update of my favorite clock program. Glad to see the support for the TaleLight as I have a blue one and use it quite often when I'm sitting at my desk with the Palm just laying there. Good job, and good app.

ClockPro is the best 'time keeping' application I have found. Keep up the good work.

Great Software! Thanks!

Thanks for the great software, I don't know what I did without it!

I think ClockPro is great! I've removed all other clock programs from my PalmPilot. Thanks for your work!

Thanks for the quick service. Your turn around time is great.

Thanks for your patience and support!! It is GREATLY appreciated. I Love ClockPro!! Thanks again!

Thanks for a great software package.

Thanks also for the great customer service. Please keep in touch with any new products or product developments.

I'm trying out Clock Pro 1.12. Your software looks great (gives me what I had on the Psion and more). Found it through c-net.

Hello and thanks. Love your product ClockPro.

Thank you very much. I like your software very well. I work as a trainer in communication and soft skill improvement and especially the timer feature is very important for me.

Thanks, and I like the clock quite a bit.

I am a registered user. The work you have done on the user interface and even the docs puts you a class above all other applications for the Palm Pilot. I hope to see more general purpose applications from you. Very Nice Job. Thanks.

Nice clock. Thank you for your time and great program creation.

I really like the product. I think you have a better interface than [clock name removed] -- and the price difference made the choice a no-brainer.

As long as I'm writing I would like to complement you on the job you have done with ClockPro. Obviously I felt it had the right combination of features and price 'cuz I registered it right? Love the hardware buttons. This feature and the interruptable alarm sound make this a great product. I don't understand why other clocks make you wait for all beeps to sound.

Thanks for the update of the ClockPro application. Your kind of response and concern for quality apps is why I always register my shareware. And you are a shining example of this. Thanks again!

Thanks; great tool

Look forward to hearing from you. Great piece of software.

Excellent. You have a very nice application there.

Thank you and thanks for such a great product !!

Great! I intend to sort out the shareware fee later this afternoon. Lovely interface... I really like the 'empty outlines' idea. Good luck with it.

Your software is great!

Thanks... I'm showing my Co-workers (I work in the Palm Computing Division of 3Com) this App... so maybe I can get you a few more customers... cheers

Thanks again for the update to ClockPro. Your kind of response and concern for a quality product is one of my main reasons for registering shareware/software I find useful and truly valuable. And believe me, I do understand the trials and tribulations of producing good software as that is what I do for a living. Anyway, thanks for the great application and I for one greatly appreciate it.

A few weeks ago I bought a new Palm III organizer. Since the beginning, I wasn't happy with its timer-features. (I have owned a Psion, previously - which is great in that matter). I searched on the internet and found several applications - including ClockPro, which was my immediate favorite! Your program is great! I registered it today at PilotGear. Best wishes - and keep up the good work ;-)

Thank you for ClockPro. It is a very useful program. Thanks for a great product.

Thanks for building such a nice product at such a reasonable price.

Many thanks for a great application.

Cool clock!

I loaded and tested other clock software - liked this one best.

I've just picked up Clock Pro. It looks great - love that UI. From what I've seen of it so far I will register it. Thanks for the app.

So far I am enjoying the capabilities of ClockPro very much.

Really neat program!

Thanks for such a nifty product.

What a great program!!

ClockPro is a brillant addition to my Palmpilot.

Thank you! Great service! Thanks for a great tool!

Thanks for the update. I am enjoying your program and like the range of operating options.

I have received your registration code, tested in the ClockPro input and it worked Ok. Thank you and congratulation for your program. It is really useful.

I really enjoy the program!! I think I use it more than any others on my Palm III. Thanks!!

Your ClockPro is the best Clock I've ever seen for PalmPilot. I've tried so many other, but there is nothing like yours. gratulation.

I am enjoying the clock.

Way cool product. Do you guys make any other PalmPilot software?

Looks like a nifty program -- keep up the good work!

Thank you. This is an excellent product and provides the functionality I was looking for plus more.

Great program. I have been looking for months for a good clock with a nice clean interface. I have been amazed that no one has created what I was looking for...until I stumbled upon your program. Great job!

This is one of the coolest clock programs yet! I was getting ready to register [clock name removed] but now I'm off to buy ClockPro from PalmPilotGear. Your program is the best looking and most configurable I've seen. Great job and keep up the good work.

It is definitely one of the nicer programs I have used. Last night (and probably tonight also), I found a really good use for ClockPro. About 12:30 AM Monday morning a series of severe thunderstorms rolled through Rochester, NY. At about 1 AM, we lost power. It came back on at 1:30, but went off again around 4:30. As of 10:30 AM on Tuesday, we still don't have any power in the house and the utility company is not even willing to give us an estimated time. (Over 100,000 people were left without power!) Last night, after enjoying a candlelight dinner cooked on the grill and a camp stove, I decided that if I had any chance at getting up this morning, I should set up ClockPro to do it. (All of the clocks in the house are electric.) I set the alarm, set the backlight to automatically come on, and went to bed. A couple of times during the night I woke up, reached over, turned my Palm III on and discovered I could read the clock display even without my glasses. At 6:30 AM, the alarm went off and woke both my wife and I (I use the Volume hack to get a little more volume out of the alarm). It worked great. I really like ClockPro and I am not quite sure what I would do without right now.

This is a nice little program. I find I use it reasonably often now.

I really like the easy to read display.

I am enjoying using ClockPro. Having the battery voltage on the main screen is great!

I think I'm going to like ClockPro better than [clock name removed], one of my oldest apps. Those numbers are really huge.

Thanks and I think your clock is great!

I find it to be the MOST useful clock program that I've tried, and I've tried a bunch o' them. I would be more than willing to test any future programs you might release.

Don't know how I missed that one. I have gotten it and as somebody said, "It should have been built in".

You guys write great software and offer it at fair prices. Keep up the great work. I was showing a guy who just got a new palm some applications I had and when he saw ClockPro he just went wild about it. Saying he's got to get it.

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