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CoLauncher Accolades

Let us know what you think about CoLauncher!

Positive feedback gives us energy to keep on working. Negative feedback is welcome too - it shows us the weak spots that need to be improved.

I think more people should know about CoLauncher. It's really THE way I launch apps.

You guys are a breath of fresh air with your super smart apps. Best of luck with your enterprise.

I wanted to tell you that I happily registered CoLauncher. It is the BEST launcher I have tried, and I have tried MANY. It does just what it says. It is simple, works flawlessly, and best of all...it doesn't slow down or crash my PDA! It plays nice with X-Master, and all my hacks! I've tried many other launchers and they all take up precious RAM and make my Clie unstable. Not yours. It's great! Keep up the good work!

This is the best app on my palm!

You and your product deserve the praise. I am always amazed when I demonstrate CoLauncher to a Palm user and they have not heard of it. I will continue to speak up on your behalf.

CoLauncher is really so important to me. I am not a game player, I am a Palm user for my business. CoLauncher's ability to launch quickly and to switch back and forth between apps is time freeing and so intuitive. None of the flashy launcher with their colors and themes can give the working Palm user the rapid action of CoLauncher. In two years of agressive use, with and overclocking utility, CoLauncher has never failed or crashed. It is my rock!

Colauncher is very nice software. The designer obviously has a strong idea of how people use the Palm or would like to use it. Your programmers put out nice products.

I'm a registered user of CoLauncher, first of all I would like to thank you all for the MOST used program on my Palm. Every time I launch 1 App, it first goes thru CoLauncher... Thanks for helping me save lotsa time... I donno how you guys could possibly improve this.

Great software! This solves a major shortcoming of the Palm device. I installed CoLauncher yesterday and haven't had to use that blasted [app name removed] once.

CoLauncher is a very useful program. Good design.

I am trying out the new CoLauncher, and find that it works very well. Keep up the good work.

I used to use a program similar called [app name removed]. It was a hack though, and I think it caused some conflicts in general. Anyway, keep up the good work. ClockPro is still one of my favorite apps. Use it everyday.

Great job.

I have a Palm III with a few but not many extra apps. I use JFile, JShopper and ClockPro frequently, otherwise its the built-in address book, date book and To Do List which get most use. You will appreciate that all of these can sit quite easily on the Main screen. Consequently I can launch all my commonly used apps quite quickly and came to the test with some scepticism. However, there is some benefit in being able to switch directly from one app to another and that works well.

CoLauncher has some real possibilities. I like the fact that I can get both [app name removed] & [app name removed] in one app without using any hacks.

Thanks for CoLauncher - it's a great piece of software!

CoLauncher is super! I'm really happy with it. I am a devoted Newton 2100 user and have been using Dan Rowley's program, Gesture Launch, for letter shortcuts on that device. I was about to request that Dan make an equivalent program for Palm, but now I don't have to. Thanx, and I'm off to register now.

CoLaunch is a very useful program. Good design. Bottom line - Very nice program.

Love your program.

This application looked like a great idea to me, but I wasn't that happy with having to reassign a system button (silk screen) to launch it. It looked like I wasn't going to be happy with the design of this application. Then, I found "PalmV Contrast Button Hack"! On my PalmV, I think this is absolutely perfect! The contrast button is basically a set and forget, with this hack I can utilize the button to launch CoLauncher and press a second time to still get the contrast application. Palm perfection! Thanks for a great application!

This is a very handy utility, and I'm delighted to have it.

I installed both CoLauncher and IcoEdit yesterday, and so far I like them both very much. I do think you have a couple great applications here!

I love your product!!!!

BTW I'm loving CoLauncher and plan to write a glowing review on PilotGearHQ as soon as I get time. My [app name removed] is officially retired.

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