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Software downloads

Here you can download and try all our software for free. If you like any of these apps, please register it.
Your registration will encourage us to improve the existing software and to create new software that you might like as well.
Thanks for your interest in MapleTop Software products!

Download ClockPro ClockPro 1.4 (30k)
Other language versions: German (1.3c) - Spanish (1.3c) - Swedish (1.3c)
Download CoLauncher CoLauncher 1.0.1 (28k)
Download IcoEdit IcoEdit 1.4.1 (25k)
Download NoMess NoMess 3.1 (44k)
Other language versions: Dutch - French - German
Norwegian - Portuguese - Spanish - Swedish - Italian (3.0)
Download SuperMemo SuperMemo 2.0 (49k)
Other language versions: German (1.1.2)
Full SuperMemo Manual (1.1.2) (441k)
Manual in other languages: German (1.1.2)
Database convertor for DOS/Windows (aka smconv.exe tool) (13k)
To download free sample databases visit SuperMemo Knowledge Goldmine

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