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NoMess Accolades

Let us know what you think about NoMess!

Positive feedback gives us energy to keep on working. Negative feedback is welcome too - it shows us the weak spots that need to be improved.

Love the program. You can't imagine how many hours of my life (usually on the john at work or on the train) have been wasted away on this little gem. Thanks again!

Thank You for your help and quick response it was a pleasure doing business with you and will not think twice about doung business with you again so mant companys never answer or take weeks to answer an e-mail you answered me within 24 hrs and straightend out my problem. Thank You again.

NoMess is the first shareware program that I paid for and I have never regretted it. It is the most addicting game!

Great software, it provides wonderful stress relief during my many travels. Thanks again.

I know it may sound cheesy, but I just have to tell you that I really love No Mess, you guys are awesome!! You would not believe the hours I have spent just fooling around with it.

NoMess & [product name removed] were the first games I ever bought for the Palm, and the ones I still use today. Often beam NoMess to get other Palm friends addicted. It's great to beam high scores and compete with one another.

I also wanted to tell you that you are one of the nicest companies to deal with as you give a temporary code so that as soon as you pay you can use the full version. Most do not offer this, also your directions are the most detailed even down to what to do if you get a new device.

I just wanted to drop a line and tell you how much I enjoy it. I play it anytime I have a free moment. It also helps me when I can't go to sleep to relax me. Thanks again for a great program!! My husband thinks I'm crazy for playing it so much. I really do use my Sony Clie' for lots of things, I just enjoy your game the best.

Just wanted to let you know I've had entirely TOO much fun with this little game and thought I'd share some silly reflections about it with you. To wax philosophical, I like the name of the game. I think it's giving you a chance to clean up a growing mess. But the game reminds me of my life--I try to clean up one mess (like my desk or my other piles---genes compliments of Mom!) only to find other messes developing that need equal or more attention! **sigh** Reality TV has nothing on this little Palm Ditty! Thanks!

Love your game. My wife is addicted to it. I had to buy a new Palm pilot so she could just play it by herself without messing up my own.

I love your game. IMHO, it's the best game on the Palm OS.

I LOVE this game! It is probably the closest computer simulation of my job as an engineering manager that I've ever seen. Pursuing simple goals, constantly obstructed by randomly appearing obstacles offered by an indifferent system: now _that_ is management.

Your upgrade policy for registered users of NoMess is the same as the program, brilliant.

THANK YOU! This is the BEST game on my Palm; the one I go back to ALL the time - a great time-waster and helps me get my mind off the world's events when I want to do something truly mindless and time-consuming! Keep up the good work

Thank you, It's really nice of you to provide a FREE update. I play whenever I'm stuck in a meeting and get bored, on flights, and at the doctor's office.

I wanted to say that I love this game! I have spent too many late nights tapping my Palm. Sometimes until 3AM!!!

Thanks for the notification. I'm a happy NoMess customer and have frittered away tooooooo many hours on this silly game, a new version of which only worsen the problem!

Thanks for the new version. I'm still playing it, have to admit, constantly since buying it must be at least a couple of years back. Never ever tired of it! Thanks for lots of fun.

I can't stop playing. I'm dreaming about moves now. I'm constantly recharging my Palm because I'm playing "just one more game," of No Mess. I don't know if I should curse you or thank you. Great game.

I really enjoy playing the No Mess game. It's the ONLY game I play, I might add.

You are evil. You have no shame. You give a free demo and I got hooked. I paid, I paid, I paid. Are you satisfied? Please write something more.

I love this game and the reason I registered/purchased it is that it is reasonably priced. Thank you for providing such an entertaining game at such a great value, several of my coworkers have also registered. Keep up the good work.

Thank you so much.... Now I am playing in color!!!! This is a fantastic and ADDICTIVE game...... I love it and tell all my palm and visor friends about it!!!

By the way, this game is totally addicting. I have family members who use it exclusively to pass the time on long road trips, and I'm constantly playing it while waiting for other things I'm doing to finish at work. Great job!

This game is more addictive than heroin (not that I've tried it....mmmmm....anyway what a great game and I'm mailing you a check so I can register it.)

I must tell you that this is the first game that I have paid for. It is awesome and very addicting. Once I start, I have a very hard time putting it down. Thanks, Maple Top!!!

I'm amazed that I've been playing this game for nearly two years, and am *still* not tired of it. Bravo!

Thanks for your help. It's a great game for filling in moments while waiting in line at the DMV or getting me through a boring meeting while looking like I'm taking notes. I missed it.

Thank you soooooooooooooooooooo much for your assistance. I greatly appreciate it and love the game. What a wonderful waste of time! It's helped me through more than one boring meeting.

I bought the Palm M100 just for my wife to play NoMess.

Thank you. Great game; lots of fun, highly addicting. My friend borrowed my pilot, and stayed up until 2:30 a.m. playing!

NoMess is a GREAT game. I'm an old lady (well, 49) and a lawyer, and I can't keep my hands off the game long enough to do my work!!!

Thanks very much - what a GREAT game!!! My ten year old keeps asking if she can take turns with me, and I admit she just about has to pry my PDA out of my hands. I can't wait to see what you dream up next...

What an additive game. I try lots of shareware but don't end up keeping many. This one is definately a keeper.

I just wanted to tell you that I've been using NoMess since you sent me the key, and I am totally captivated by it. It's a great game.

NoMess: Just what I need: Another way to waste my time... but, resistance is futile! I used to beam the freeware game MissileCmd to Palms in store displays. I think I'll start passing on NoMess instead, potential customers will get hooked and have to buy a Palm... Bwahahaa!

My wife Anke loves "NoMess". Its the first computer game she likes to play.

I couldn't risk losing a crucial piece of software like NoMess!!!

Thanks, we are both seriously hooked on this game. I emailed it to my Mom and Dad, they are about to register it as well. The topic of conversation is our high scores!!! Love it, thanks.

NoMess, is a big hit in this home. Have one major problem with it! My Palm vanishes every night. Husband has discovered how it can take your mind off all the problems of the long hard day at the office. Needless to say we are in competition for high score.

This is a very dangerous piece of software - very addictive. Please put out an appropriate warning that it becomes very time consuming, even for people not generally prone to such addictions needed to break away from the game long enough to send this email.

I installed the NoMess demo on my Palm about two weeks ago. I've not seen my Palm or received verbal responses from my wife since. I and kids are now taking care of ourselves. She's been unable to stop for the night & I've awaken numerous times to find her back up, Palm in hand, playing NoMess. Great game, so I hear. I've registered it sight unseen. I need to get another Palm so I can give it a try. Thanks.

Just thought I'd let you know that I am totally and absolutely stuck to this game! Good job.

It usually takes 3 months before I need to replace the batteries on my Palm. Ever since I downloaded the trial version of No Mess, my batteries don't last so long!

I love NoMess. I often see both the board game and pieces even when I'm not playing it. I'm not altogether sure this is a good thing, but I'll keep you posted.

I love this game and I never play computer games!!

Wonderfully therapeutic game!

Thanks for the great products and that addictive NoMess game. We both stayed up to 1:30am this morning playing.

Thanks for the help. And please understand that the compliments are real. Your application has always functioned properly, is easy to use and understand, IS addictive, and one that provides my kids and I a welcome diversion.

I recently bought NoMess and got seriously addicted... The problem is that my girlfriend got addicted too, and we constantly "fight" over who plays NoMess on my palm.

Wow! What an awesome upgrade! I have a color palm and this new version is super! All of the new features are great and I want to thank you for making it free to registered users. I also own ClockPro, which would be great in color too. I will heartily recommend MapleTop to everyone I know. Thanks again!

I absolutely love your game! As a person who generally doesn't find games enjoyable, yours is BY FAR the one I use when traveling.

This is a really cool and addictive game. I was up until 3:00 A.M. playing the first day that I downloaded and played the demo. Keep up the good work!

I don't know if I should thank you or not. Like many of the e-mails sent to you, I have become addicted to this simple, but amusing game. Thanks for the hours of fun!!

I love NoMess. It is the single most addictive game I've ever put on my Palm, and I've had a few.

Thank you so very much! I don't know what I would have done if someone called an emergency meeting here at work, and I didn't have NoMess to keep me awake!

May I take this opportunity to congratulate MapleTop on NoMess - what a great game. It is a rare thing to find - a totally excellent game that is both addictive and not boring after a week on non stop pla! Keep up the good work. I will be telling everyone I know who owns a Palm device about NoMess etc - and that they should try the shareware version!

A game that demonstrates how a game should be: simple, addictive and a combination of chance and strategic elements.

NoMess is far too addictive for words. I registered it and have spent far too many hours on this addictive game. While it is a great game, it is far too time consuming for me. I do hope you come out with an update as it just keeps me so entertained!!

I purchased NoMess on my PalmV and I enjoyed playing with it. Then, my wife got hooked on it. She always took my Palm and played the NoMess. Therefore, I purchased her a Palm to play the NoMess. Can you believe it? But, I did it because I need to have my Palm back.

Keep up the good work - your program is a real bargain!

Love the game. Can't stop playing it!

These apps are great! Keep up the good work.

The game is really addictive and I'm telling all my Palm friends about it. My girlfriend loves the game and she is not a Palm user. Also there should be a Surgeon General's warning on your product for addiction!

I am so addicted to this game I may have grounds for legal action! :-)

My Dad loves the game. He hasn't yet ceased to brag about his latest high score.

Awesome customer service. I'll definitely do business here again.

Thank you very much. The new changes/improvements are awesome. Honestly, I was going to suggest something similar to the cookies concept. You have read my mind and improved on it. Thanks again. GOOD JOB !!!

THANK YOU!!! I'm sure you know how addicting NoMess is. I will continue to support your software and spread the word.

Thanks for making such an addictive game.. NOT! It takes all my time!! ;)

I am very pleased with NoMess app. it is very captivating.....I know it will get me in trouble at work yet!

I am all set. Please keep me informed of any upgrades to this cool game!

NoMess is the most addicting game I've ever played - I'm looking forward to your future programs.

very addictive - burned a new set of bateries playing

Thanks! :) Second order from you guys! You're pretty good! :)

Nice work! Please let me know what else you write.

Great thinking / strategy game!

Cool game. I got hooked in a day.

I've registered a lot of shareware; but so far this is the only game.

It took me a while to get really into NoMess; but I now think it's a great game.

I'm with-holding my bonus because you're gonna get me fired... This game is incredibly addictive!

Great game. Thanks. Airplane rides are more fun now.

Holy addiction batman!

love it so far -- can't wait to get the cookies!

addictive litttle sucker - I want more!

Very very addictive. Highly damaging to your social health. Should have a FDA warning label.

Thanks for providing the game in multiple languages. Yo necessito mas pracitar en espanol.

No Mess keeps me very busy not doing things I should be doing.

Great game, and one of the best shareware 'get them to pay for the product' reminder strategies I've seen! Ingenious all around! Glad to be a registered customer!

Great game! Let me know if you make more of them.

I love this game. Very addicting.

My husband and I are addicted to NoMess.

Thank you for your help... the game is terrific!! =)

All the best and do copy me on any more lovely games you bring out.

I just wanted to thank you for making such a GREAT game. I am a 41 year old Director of Marketing who has to do a lot of traveling. NoMess has become my favorite way to occupy time when I am on a plane, or waiting for an appointment. My wife does not always appreciate when I want to "finish" a game when I get home from a trip, but that is my problem, not yours. Please let me know if you are planning to create any other games, or if you would be interested in any suggestions. I would LOVE to be a beta tester for anything you might be creating.

Enjoying it very much. I'd had it 13 weeks before registering. I waited until I had some cause to order more things from the folks I paid. It is my favorite diversion while I'm waiting for someone to arrive somewhere.

You really do make some wonderful things.

Thank you for the very quick reply to my question about the joker cookies. Thanks for the great service. I love the game!

As a registered user of NoMess I just received notice of and downloaded version 2. I want to tell you how much I like the new cookie version of the game. While I enjoyed the original, your addition of jokers, bombs and framed pieces gives the game a whole new dimension. I believe registering with a company like yours is worth every penny when you get such cool updates like NoMess Version 2. Thanks guys!

First of all I want to say thatNoMess is a pretty cool game. I enjoy it a lot. Thanks again and I will come back for more.

I just have to keep playing!

NoMess is a fantastic game but really addictive.

My fiancee and I really enjoy your NoMess game. It's challenging but quite addicting. In fact, she would play it for hours on end. The first time I showed her was on a Friday afternoon. I didn't see my Palm III again until Monday morning! Would you suggest other similar games? (for my fiancee, of course). Keep up the good efforts!

I am really enjoying your game. Do you have any other interesting games or programs of your own (or others) that you would recommend for the Palm III?

Thanks for your high scores... At least I can have a target. Great job, great mind!

Thanks--a very enjoyable game. Keep up the good work.

I am severely addicted to NoMess on my Pilot. I represent 3Com and recently showed it off to their directors at a Board meeting!

Thanks. NoMess is addictive. Well done!

What a great game. Looks like hours of strategic fun.

Thanks... it's working great... best piece of software I have seen yet for the palmpilot III. Keep up the good work!

I'm totally addicted to NoMess, as is my husband (think he email'd you recently...yes, we need a life).

Thank you for a wonderful program which is intelectually challenging yet conceptually simple to play.

Congratulations for excellent game - it is extremely addictive. :-))

I tried out NoMess and decided not to buy it because it would be TOO addicitive for me.
[Comment: A few days later he bought it :)) ]

I really, really enjoy your game - it is truly addicting. Thanks for your efforts in producing a good-looking, fun game - keep the good work!

By the way, NoMess is my all time favorite game (and I am not a big game player!). I am gradually increasing my score in the game but don't believe I'll ever "master" it. Thanks again.

I'm up in bed every night playing for at least an hour! Can't seem to make it past level 3 yet. Got to read the Maxim's again.

The only problem with this game is that it really is _too_ addictive.

I think it is a very promising game, different and challenging. Well done.

It's a great game, and it's addictive! Thanks. What's next? :-)

Thanks again; the game is very nice and the Maxims page on your Web site is extremely helpful.

You're right about NoMess being addicting. I scored 150 on my first game without reading anything. (I didn't know about undo or diagonal scores.) I discovered diagonals halfway through my second game and scored 528 (1.85 SPM)-- still without undos. (I thought a single undo would disqualify a high score.) Then I read your 'maxims'! My third game was a marathon (2 sessions) that ended with 1041 (1.91 SPM). I like the way you 'promote' to higher levels during the game. I guess I'll have to start my next game at level 2 or 3. I haven't tried cookies yet, but I still go for a lot of 'high score' moves even though there is no bonus. BTW I'm loving CoLauncher and plan to write a glowing review on PilotGearHQ as soon as I get time. My [product name removed] is officially retired.

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