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IcoEdit Accolades

Let us know what you think about IcoEdit!

Positive feedback gives us energy to keep on working. Negative feedback is welcome too - it shows us the weak spots that need to be improved.

It's been a pleasure doing business with you.

Just wanna say that I really love this software, and I'm always proud to show my friends the unique icons I've drawn.

Wow!!! When I first heard about this... I thought... ok, but I can't imagine it'll be too exciting. Well I was wrong!! I'm having fun playing with it!

This is a great application! You did a nice job making it user friendly.

Thank you for the quick service. Enjoy IcoEdit very much.

I've made icons (small) for all the apps I had that didn't have small icons. Man does it make the List view application screen look better!

Love the way icoEdit can be un-installed and the icons still remain changed - i guess this is the main selling point --icoEdit simply changes the icon inside the app rather than being TSR etc.

It is an excellent utility. Thanks.

Just want to tell you how much use I get out of IcoEdit. Now I can trash [product name removed] - your app list is much cleaner than [product name removed]'s. And ClockPro is wonderful. I'm glad I registered.

Thank you for your prompt response to my order placed yesterday. IcoEdit is, by far, one of the most useful utilities released in quite some time. Keep up the good work!!

I downloaded IcoEdit & ClockPro and have been trying them out. IcoEdit showed me that I had TealDoc in both RAM & ROM getting me 70KB of RAM back!

Thanks for a nifty program, and I hope you have happy holidays!

You've written a really usefull program!

Thanks for the wonderful program!

IcoEdit has paid for itself already. When I opened the apps list, I noticed a number of my programs listed twice, several of them in ROM. It prompted me to rethink the way I used Flashbuilder, and though I'm not proud of my blunder, it was obvious that I installed some programs in the flash, but also left them in RAM. The launcher didn't show the duplication, and I didn't bother to do the math when I looked at the available space. Thanks to IcoEdit, I now have three times as much available space, which was worth ten bucks even if I never touch an icon! Of course, I like IcoEdit for its "documented" purpose as well, but I thought you might like an out-of-the-ordinary endorsement.

I installed both CoLauncher and IcoEdit yesterday, and so far I like them both very much. I do think you have a couple great applications here!

Thank you for your excellent product.

I love this program!

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