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IcoEdit FAQ

Are there any instructions for using IcoEdit?

Yes, there are. The instructions can be found in the program itself. Install the icoedit.prc file, launch it and read the instructions using the menu command Help / Tips. This FAQ is a good source of information as well.

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How does IcoEdit work?

Every application can have one big and one small icon. These icons are stored in the application itself. When any launcher or other program wants to display app icon, it fetches the icon from the app.

IcoEdit simply edits icons inside the applications. This approach has several advantages:

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Can IcoEdit add small icons for apps that do not have them?

Of course, that is one of the key features of IcoEdit! IcoEdit can both edit existing big/small icons and create new big/small icons if the app does not have any.

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Can I delete IcoEdit when I am done with editing?

Yes, you can. IcoEdit edits icons inside applications and does not need to be present any more once you make your changes. This way you can save RAM of your device for other apps.

See also: How does IcoEdit work?

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Can I still restore original icons when I have deleted IcoEdit?

Yes, you can. Original icons can be restored at any time. Just install IcoEdit back again and then use menu command Options / Restore to restore particular icon or Options / Restore all… to restore icons of all installed apps.

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Will my app icons survive when I install a new version of that app?

Because the icons are stored in the app itself, you have to launch IcoEdit to copy the big and small icons to clipboard first, then install the new version of that app and then paste the icons back into the new version. This way your icons will survive.

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Can I change the names shown under app icons?

Yes, you can edit app names that are used everywhere in your handheld. Tap the upper right hand 'i' button to get to App info screen and edit the Name field.

In the App info screen you can also edit app version if you wish or you can find out some more info about current app, such as its size and date of installation.

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What does the Backup check box do?

The Backup box sets or unsets the backup bit of each application. All applications that have the backup bit set are backed up at HotSync. The whole PRC file is transfered into your desktop backup folder /YourName/Backup. After hard reset all content of your desktop backup folder is installed back into your device.

This will prevent the loss of installed apps and your modified icons in case of hard reset. This way IcoEdit can be used as a helpful backup utility as well.

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Can I change icons of built-in apps?

Unfortunately, you cannot because they are placed in ROM (Read-Only Memory). That is one drawback of the clean approach of changing the icons right inside the apps instead of storing additional database of icons for each app and using a hack to redirect any system request for app icon.

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My 3rd party launcher still shows the original icon. What is wrong?

Some 3rd party launchers try to speed up their display by caching the icon images in their own database. If you want to see new icons you must force the launcher to reload app icons. This can be usually done by switching the launcher view between big and small icons, by HotSyncing your device or by using IcoEdit menu command Options / Soft reset.

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What is the maximum number of apps exported to the app list?

There is no limit. IcoEdit will export all apps you have to Memo Pad.

As the built-in Memo Pad application has a limit of 4.000 characters in one memo, IcoEdit will split the list into more memos if it does not fit into a single one.

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How can I create DateBk3 icons?

Launch IcoEdit, select any icon and switch to the small one for better view. Design your icon in the top left 8 x 8 area of the screen. Use IcoEdit menu Options / Datebk3 icon and press the Copy button.

Then you need to switch to Memo Pad and find the DateBk3 icon memo. Find the appropriate position for the icon string, highlight the original one and use Memo Pad menu Edit / Paste. You can find more information about DateBk3 icon memo in the DateBk3 user manual.

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Is IcoEdit compatible with color and grayscale devices?

Yes, IcoEdit can edit icons on color and greyscale devices. However, it can only edit them in black and white. Once you edit a color or grayscale icon it will become black and white only. If you restore the icon later, it will become color or grayscale again. You can always restore the original color and grayscale icons at any time using IcoEdit menu commands Edit / Restore or Edit / Restore all.

If we get enough registrations to support further development of IcoEdit we plan to add full color and grayscale editing in future versions.

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I am a developer. Can I use IcoEdit to create icons for my app?

Sure. Here are the instructions: If you wish you can also load the modified app into Emulator and capture the icon images for future use. Good luck with your app!

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What is planned for future versions of IcoEdit?

If we get enough user registrations to fund the future development we plan to add the following features: If you have some other ideas, let us know!

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