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SuperMemo Accolades

Let us know what you think about SuperMemo!

Positive feedback gives us energy to keep on working. Negative feedback is welcome too - it shows us the weak spots that need to be improved.

Your software has made a huge difference in the quality of my life, as using it helped me pass my emergency medicine certification boards, a crucial step in maintaining my marketability as a professional.

I am using my copy of Supermemo to learn German (BTW, my mother tongue is Slovak). First, I was quite lazy to use it regularly, but recently I got my acts together and decided to give it a serious try. I can honestly tell the thing works. Soon, I will buy another copy for my girlfriend's PALM so that she can brush up her English. Thanks.

I want you to know that I have used SuperMemo for him to help him memorize Italian vocabulary and for my daughters who have struggled in learning their addition, and multiplication tables. I tried MANY different programs, computer, flash cards, etc. and NOTHING has worked for my daughters the way Super Memo does. It is the only thing that has helped my 11 yo daughter actually imprint the math tables into her mind. THANK YOU from the bottom of this frustrated mother's heart!!!

I really want to thank you for such a great product & for your technical support. My questions over the last ten months have always been answered fully and quickly (within 24 hours). I'm an American working and living in Kosovo and studying Albanian full-time. I now have about 4500 "cards" in my supermemo program and use it daily.

A complete stranger (on a train travelling from Munich to Berlin) convinced me to try and use Supermemo. We're both Americans living in Germany and trying to learn the language. We got to talking and he told me about this super awesome program called Supermemo that he totally loved and that he thought would help me learn German. I checked out your website and was impressed with what i read and downloaded the free demo. I used it for 2 days and was convinced I needed to buy the full program. I'd already filled the data bases to capacity and could see the improvement within the next week. My retention rate is what you promised and I am SOOOO pleased with my decision to buy the program.

I really love your product. It was referred to me by a friend and we use it to study SCRABBLE words.

By the way, I am REALLY loving your program. I got my whole family using it. It is awesome. I wish I had discovered it years ago!

Thank you very much for sending this information. Your timing was perfect, and it's just what I would expect from a professional company like yours. I will set everything up based on the information that you gave me, and I don't think I'll have any problems from this point on. Again, thank you very much.

Thank you for this very powerful program. I have been studying for months for a very important board exam and your program has been the key to my success. In the past I tended to review a lot of unneccessary material and mistake comprehension for true learning. Your program helped me identify weak spots quickly. The volume I learned was tremendous since the quiz format resurrected old info that in the past I would assume was learned but had actually forgotten. The conversion program allowed me to quickly generate huge numbers of flash cards tailored to my specific needs.

It's almost a thrill what kind of brew SuperMemo prepares for me every day. I really like it and made a lot of progress since I work with it!

I'd like to let you know how useful this program is for my language studies. Not only can I use it at home, but with the Palm Pilot it's with me wherever I go, allowing me to study Farsi when out and about, while having lunch, or while sitting in a waiting room. It makes me wish that I had SuperMemo years ago when I was studying ancient Greek and French!

Hi -- your Supermemo program is fabulous. I've been using the Palm version 1.1.1 for about four months now and love it. I input several review articles in my field a few weeks before a seminar I had to give, and the instant recall I had about those papers made the question/answer phase a snap (my friends were impressed).

Once again thank you for the fantastic yet easy to use SuperMemo. I use it with my Russian language studies, now almost 6000 cards, instead of pen and pencil. And I am going to Russia next week to try my skills. Cross your fingers... I also have learnt many strange English words, history and much else, thanks to you. My friends think I am a walking encyclopaedia. :^)

I just wanted to say thank you, for your incredibly accurate and prompt assistance with my problem. In a world where people just don't seem to care anymore, you've shown that there are still people out there who do. Your advice worked wonderfully. Wish I could return the favor. Again, Thank you.

Thanks very much for such a quick response. No wonder my friends swear by you.

Supermemo is excellent. In fact it's very close to what I used to do to learn languages - but then I used pieces of paper and a very large box. This is much easier.

Thanks a lot. The speed and quality of your help make supermemo, already great, a much better tool.

I need to commend you wholeheartedly on SuperMemo. It's worked wonders for me already in helping me learn and relearn Korean vocab (over 1000 words in 2 months). Your program is the only one that puts aside cards that I know well, and relevantly tests me on those I don't know. Thanks so much.

I have just registered SuperMemo - it works well. Thank you. I have to say that the whole support and manual to SuperMemo is probably the best I have ever met. If only everything around me worked that well...

thank you so much for your support! supermemo is probably the program that i use the most on my palm pilot - it helps enormously in trying to remember all the information required to practice medicine!

I wanted to take this chance to thank you very much for the software. I love it. I have been using it regularly since July 2000, and have even purchased it twice.

I must tell ya, I love your product. I use it for school, and my grades have increase significantly.

Firstly I would like to congratulate you on a wonderful product. I am an Australian and live and work in Germany. Having arrived without any knowledge of German I have used Supermemo daily to improve my German vocabulary. It has helped me to rapidly develop a level of competence far above that of the average foreigner in Germany.

Thank you for a great program, you have really helped me organise information to pass my professional examinations as an Anesthesiologist. I have had 2 years of great use from the supermemo program.

Dearest MapleTop! I don't know how I may thank you enough. Your Super Memo was just what I needed when my Russian learning did not want to take speed. But thanks to you, I now have more than 4000 cards with roughly 2100 Russian words, 1500 phrases and 400 rules and hints on grammar. In the beginning I had an average of more than ten cards a day. It is now down to six but it is still great. I study at the tram, in the line at the supermarket, in the bathroom, whenever there is a minute or two available. It is such an enormous help to my evening lessons at the university. So far I have done two exams and passed both with top grades.

I have been using SuperMemo for a couple of years now on my Palm PDA. I have a lot of programs on my Palm, but I can safely say that SM is my favourite! Having a bad memory to start with, I have staggered my friends and family by learning nearly all the capitals of the world, for instance. This is not just a technical feat, I am convinced that it allows me to make more sense of information such as news events, holiday programs and nature discovery type programs by creating an interest factor which I hadn't before.

I am really enjoying your product. I am currently a pilot trainee for the Air Force and the supermemo program has already helped me memorize loads of numbers. Thanks again.

SuperMemo is somewhat of a "secret weapon of study" for me. Itís not that I am intentionally trying to keep it secret - I would love for more people to use it so that it would become more of a standard - itís that I have a difficult time convincing people that itís really as useful, simple and efficient as I say it is (people are generally scared of PDAís), so they keep using paper flashcards despite my advice. Every once in a while, however, someone will see me actually using it, and POOF! Just like that, MapleTop has a new customer. Thanks for what is by far the most used piece of software I have ever used (o.k., second most used next to Windows OS).

I am a registered user of SuperMemo in Germany. Having used the program for about a year now, I am absolutely fascinated! Momentarily I am running 8 databases simultaneously, two of them ranging up to more than 1000 sets of questions and answers. There are databases on vocabulary, but also on medicine, American history, the Bible, etc. It has become a habit for me to learn my words early in the morning and to add new words in the evening. Thanks for making SuperMemo a reality!

I just registered supermemo, partly because I was very impressed by the level and quality of documentation provided for this product.

I am an avid user of your program SuperMemo since August 2000. I have found it to be a well designed and useful program for my Handspring Visor. I have used it myself to study French and Arabic and I have successfully promoted and sold it to at least two other users now who are also avid users.

I really love your program. I just started nursing school and its great for learning all the terms and vocabulary I can study anywhere! Thank you!

I LOVE this program. It got me through paramedic school without having to shuffle through all those index cards looking for the medications I wasn't strong on. I'm still using it to keep sharp and have beamed it to a couple other class mates. They love it too.

Hey, Great tool.... I am in medical sales and I am formating questions to help me learn my product as well as my competitions. This software is HUGE!!!

You are good people. You are a good company. And I am happy that I have your software. I am grateful for your very kind response. Thank you.

Thank you so much for your help. I'm very pleased with my purchase and your continual service to customers that purchase your software for the Palm OS. Thank you again.

I am a pilot for the Army and must commit entire paragraphs to memory. I mean everything about my aircraft! To this end I have found supermemo to be the greatest breakthrough in flashcards I have ever used (and I have used many techniques to memorize this knowledge).

Thank you for the exemplary support! Your software has been a huge success in helping my wife through her graduate studies.

I've been using supermemo for some time now and I just passed the exam I was practicing for very well - so I am really glad about having supermemo, it was so great being able to study efficently with my palm. I've been looking for a good programm to learn for university, and although there are more and more other programms around, supermemo is still the best, and it's much easier to create drill cards with supermemo then with other programms.

Let me just say, SuperMemo has managed to crowbar my stubborn brain open and let the facts find their way in. I've got a notoriously awful memory, but with the help of SuperMemo, I've been able to memorize a 150 line dialogue in Richard III in the space of a few days. It's absolutely incredible, and the best part is that not only can I recall my lines at the drop of a pin, but my overall memory has improved in day-to-day life. It's like my mind actually enjoys keeping track of things now. Thank you so much for helping trim my mental flab away, leaving a lean, mean, memory machine in its place. I have high hopes for my learning future, thanks to SuperMemo!

I am a registered user of SuperMemo, and probably the software's biggest fan in the whole world. It's a great, great, great program. I am a student, and it has increased my long-term learning of material a thousand fold.

I'm a registered user with your great SuperMemo learning program and its my one (and only) aid for learning japanese vocabulary and really helps me keeping up with the ever increasing load of words to remember - you guys did a brilliant job with this program!

I have been using Supermemo for Palm for over a year now, and it has worked incredibly successfully for me. In particular, using it to study Japanese, I've been able to memorize over three thousand Japanese words in a year, an average of about ten a day! I couldn't have done it without Supermemo.

I'm a heavy SuperMemo user, the "engine" comes from my country and for many years I was using the PC version, your Palm version was the best value for the money software purchase I ever made. I can't live without it!

I carried super memo on an extended trip through Germany and Austria and managed to accumulate more than 800 new German vocabular words!

Supermemo by Mapletop is one of the best software applications I have found for the Palm OS so far... It's trully amazing... looking forward to expanding the databases... Thanks Mapletop.

I recently registered my version of SuperMemo, and I love it! Thanks for the hard work that went into the production of this great software. Thanks again for this wonderful program. The results of using the product are clear, and I can't say enough to my friends about the software.

Your product is great soft and the price I paid for it is very reasonable. Thank you again and please continue to develop new software like this.

At any rate, I do seem to be learning my vocab without pain. I credit your software, since I've always hated memorization. And I also love NoMess.

I really like Supermemo, which does improve my vocabulary. To use Supermemo is one of my routine jobs every day.

I have been using your product for quite sometime and I am really happy with it. I'm in the international tax area and I have a lot of facts to remember, supermemo helps me do that. Thank you.

I greatly appreciate your SuperMemo program. I have just started to use it, and found it worked great, so I registered it. I have been looking for a program like this since I was in Medical School 7 years ago. At that time, I and looked into how to improve my memory for medical information and found that extending the time between reviews of information was shown to improve recall. After unsuccessful attempts to get my computer-savvy friends to write me a program to do this for me, I wound up using a paper filing system to quiz my self at increasing time intervals. The last two years, I have been using a flash card program on my palm pilot, to continue to memorize medical information. But I have been frustrated with the inability to use the principles of extending time between reviews. So of course when I found your program, I was very happy. Thank you very much for making it!!

I use SuperMemo on my PC and when I found a Palm version I was very pleased. I study part time and the only problem I have with SuperMemo is that it can't travel on the bus to work with me - now it can. I'm already a happy customer, now I'm happier. Many thanks.

I took Sun's Java Programmer Certification Exam yesterday and was pleasantly surprised. The passing grade is 61% and I managed to get 91%. I prepared over the course of about three months, using Supermemo's test features during the 'reading' phase and then creating 'drills' during the crunch time right before the exam.

Hi, I have bought your Supermemo software recently and I really appreciate it. It's a lot of fun and effective to learn new stuff such as new English words or idioms. I have built my own databases of English new terms and idioms.

Let me thank you for providing an excellent package. It has become an essential study tool for my prepations for my internal medicine boards. I have created over 10 databases with over 3500 cards.

By now, I must spend at least 2-3 hours a day working with SuperMemo. My Java certification database inow includes over 1,500 records and it's just working great. I honestly have no idea how I could have handled learning this stuff without SuperMemo. I think I'm a better coder and a lot smarter thanks to SuperMemo.

I really like SuperMemo and was pleased to discover it works great with the Chinese OS package. I'm trying to learn Mandarin now and this is a great tool for studying characters.

First of all I want to thank you for SuperMemo. It is a great help for me when learning Russian. Though simple as it is, I take the 5-10 minutes every day and that way I have learnt almost 1000 words and phrases in a little more than 100 days. I am very pleased.

I've been a registered used of SuperMemo for about 9 months now. I very much appreciate this learning tool and I use it every day. Currently SuperMemo is helping me study Italian vocabulary; English Vocabulary (over 5000 words); U.S. Navy Advancement Requirements (over 3000 Q&A); and a couple other minor modules from your Goldmine. Thank you for a wonderful product that is extremely valuable to me.

I think your product is great - having used it in my higher medical training (passed the British MRCP - membership of the royal college of physicians) using just electronic notes. Thank you for an excellent program.

GREAT PROGRAM! I am very happy with supermemo, and it is allowing me to advance very rapidly in learning a matrix of information containing over 1300 cells.

Let me say that your program is AWESOME and just what I was looking for. Plus, at $16 I think a real bargain for the Palm.

I love palm. I love supermemo. It's a great software and it is one of the major reasons for me to use palm. Can't live without it. :-)

First and foremost, thank you for mailing me my permanent serial number. Second, let me congratulate you on producing a truly superb piece of software in the supermemo program. I am a doctoral student in history, and my spouse and I are making long term preparations for a trip to Japan. As such we are working on learning Japanese. In the two days I've had your program, and the two free Japanese databases for it, my skills have already significantly increased. Furthermore I can forsee some extraordinary uses for the program later, as I prepare for my comprehensive exams. I am truly delighted with your product.

After trying out the demo I had to get the full-feature version. I'm using it to study for a professional certification and am more than pleased with the progress I've made so far. The full-feature version will let me add the hundreds of additional records of information that I need to study and help keep track of the ones that require more study on my part. Great product!!!

I just want to thank you for providing such an awesome product! I just converted one of my SuperMemo data bases for studying and review while working in the ER. This is so cool!!!!! I don't excited much anymore at my age [50], but my Palm Pilot and SuperMemo programs are so great! Keep it up. Your help was greatly appreciated. :)

The power of the program is amazing. I'm not even in school anymore, but there are all sorts of things I wish I knew that I would normally feel like I just don't have the time or framework basis to remember. Nowadays, when I see something I want to know, I just toss it into one of my databases and learn it long-term just by checking out my Palm when waiting in a line or in between sets at the gym or .... etc. etc. It's great!

I would like to say that I have found Supermemo a great way of learning a wide variety of things. Keep up the good work!

I love SuperMemo. It's amazing. What I love most of all is the fact that it determines intervals for re-showing me flashcards... As in, it won't ask me the capital of Ohio for another 120 days because it knows I know it well. This saves SO much time.

Thanks for a great piece of software. I have 3,833 question on my computer at this point! I have shown it to a lot of people who have subsequently bought it themselves for medical school studying.

I have been using SuperMemo for a few days now and know more about the American State capitals than I have ever known before - it's a great program.

SuperMemo is fantasic Palm software. My Spanish vocabulary is improving dramatically!

I just want to say SuperMemo is fantastic. Finally a tool that manages and maximizes learning & memory. It is becoming part of my everyday life.

I am very impressed with the program and just using the demo has helped me with some assignments. Thank you for your time and for a wonderful product.

I have found the SuperMemo product extremely valuable and am using it for all sorts of stuff. In general it is easy to use and excellent for learning information.

I am very very happy with this product - I regret that I did not have this during the first two years - I would have an awesome board review system in place.

Supermemo helped me pass my Philosophy final in the Spring. Thanks.

Thanks a lot and congratulations for the tool, I had looked for such a tool for years, even developed something myself, but it was merely a drill tool, it didn't contain the learning process, and was thus unusable on the long term.

Thank you. I am impressed with the quality of your manual / instructions.

I've continued to use SuperMemo constantly and the keyboard support is much appreciated! Now I don't have to keep switching from typing to the stylus. It has saved me much time and headache. This palm/supermemo/keyboard combo I've got going is amazing! I have just finished my 7th year of higher education, and I wish I had this from the start! I can't tell you how much time I've wasted cramming information and forgetting it. Or I will take notes in class or from a reading and never look at it again. I have even used SuperMemo to take "notes" during a class. Instead of just copying down information, I made flash cards as the lecturer spoke on the points that I felt I didn't want to forget. You guys should really think about advertising this product on campuses. I am taking next year off from Med school to travel, and I am hoping to use the cards I will have made over this summer so that I don't forget everything. It's especially convenient for me because I travel very light, so dragging books around is not feasible, but carrying my TRGpro is no problem.

Thank you very much for your quick response to my registration application, and your clear as crystal instructions about how to register. Very efficient, very helpful and very much appreciated!! Hope all my dealings with your company are as fruitful as this one. Managed to register my Supermemo quickly!

Love your SuperMemo product. I think it is the best Flashcard Application out there. Thanks for such a flexible product.

Thank you for the very understandable instructions that you emailed to me regarding my update from the demo of SuperMemo to the registered version. I think that I am all set now! Your software is already making my life SO much easier!!

Dear Mapletop-Team, I'm writing you to say "thank you" for your app. SuperMemo is my first shareware which I have been registered. In present I want to improve my English knowlegde to prepere a practice in US. (I belive, you read it!) I tested your software one weekend and than I decide me for registration. I hope, SuperMemo will help me further for my learning process...
Greetings from Brandenburg / Germany

I registered the program last week, and am really enjoying it! I've only had 1 "test" so far (well, one for each database), but like how it's set up! We'll see how it works over time, but I'm really liking it so far!! Thanks for coming out with this. Pretty much exactly what I was looking for and I've tried the other programs like this out there and don't like them very much.

THANK YOU FOR SENDING OUT A REPLY SO QUICKLY! You replied before I finished my second letter! Thanks again as I mentioned eairler, both of us are using this GREAT and POWERFUL software! Thanks again! I look foward to trying some of you other products. Thank you!

Dear MapleTop-Team! Your version of Supermemo for the Palm is brilliant! I have tried _all_ of the currently available Programs such as [product name removed] and [product name removed], but they are no comparison, since they don't support the supermemo-algorithms for the spacing of questions. Thanks again for your brilliant work!

By the way, up until now I have been using your program every day and my learning curve is through the roof! I am telling as many people as I can about it.

Just wanted to say: what a terrific product! I've become hooked immediately, and am telling everybody I know about it. A transforming piece of software. Great job!

Thank you for a great product! I've been using the registered version for about a week now and I can see results!

Supermemo has helped me enormously with my Spanish vocabulary learning & remembering. I do the tests on the tube on the way to & from work and work on the difficult ones in the evenings. It has given my learning sessions much more direction and confidence as I know that I will be tested on them again at a later date and don't have to think of it myself.

Thank you very much for your very quick response to my problem! I'm really happy to have SuperMemo on my Handspring, I have it installed on my PC but can now use it anywhere I take my Handspring too! SuperMemo is a wonderful program and I am hoping that it will assist me in learning Japanese. I am creating learning material with it that uses Japanese characters, this will help me learn without the distraction of English characters (except in the answers.)

I just wanted to tell you that your SuperMemo is THE killer application on the Palm platform! It is simply the best program I have yet seen and used (I just registered it). GREAT!!!

My girl-friend and I just started using Supermemo. She learns spanish, myself italian. It's exactly the programm we were searching for a long time. Great, great, great, great stuff!!!!!

This software is great, as I have tried 10-12 different pc and palm based apps that DON'T work well. I have always believed in Flash Cards as a tool for repetition, but now you have made it scientifically better! I'll be spreading the word among my palm-buddies!

Love the program. After 4 months of struggling with japanese flash cards, I finally have a method that I can use to keep up with the instructor!

Congratulations on a fantastic product! I came across this application after reading a review on one of the Palm sites. I've been looking for this type of application for years. In all honesty I'd given up as I thought very few people were interesting in optimising their learning. This surprises me because of the amount of information we are faced with nowadays. After doing a search for supermemo, I came across the windows version. It would be fantastic when you allow integration between the two as the Palm would give me portability and the windows version the stats. As a vba programmer starting to learn php, this little product will be invaluable. I've already created 33 items for learning and I feel much more able to remember them after day 1! The drills really hammer home the items you can't remember. Now, instead of reading on the loo I use Supermemo! Kills two birds with one stone. I have no doubt that I will pick up programming languages in double quick time by using Supermemo. Keep up the good work and lets hope the library keeps growing. Keep it freeware and I think you'll sell one hell of a lot of copies of supermemo for Palm. Feel free to use this as a testimonial. I am one happy customer!!!

This is an amazing program. I've been stuck on trying to learn Chinese vocabulary, but I've learned more words in the last week-and-a-half than I have in the last few months. And the nice part is that I can work on my vocabulary any time I want. I'll make a few additional comments. The documentation is complete in describing the program, but could be a bit more straightforward in providing an overview of using SuperMemo. Once you work with the program some, though, you figure it out and learning becomes a lot of fun.

I am glad I did try it out. Otherwise I would think it is just another MEMO kind of application. I was ignorant of such wonderful learning technique, and running it on Palm gives me chances to remember Japanese Vocab anywhere.

I found it an enjoyable, useful learning tool. You can also use it as a simple database program, making data from tab-delimited files on your PC for quick reference. Supermemo works well with the Penticon Hebrew Fonts, to display flashcards with mixed Hebrew and English. (The Hebrew keyboard is accessible from the menu while editing items.)

I just wanted to thank your organization for making a really USEFUL palm product. I am currently using supermemo to study for a college Chinese class. Along with CJKOS (chinese OS), I have the ability to create flashcards with not only chinese character representations, but the english equivalent, along with pinyin pronunciation. Needless to say, it wouldn't be possible without your software. The database algorithm is outstanding as well. I don't have to waste a lot of time with entries I already know. Once again thanks for putting such a useful product on the market. My classmate will be registering with you soon, if he hasn't already done so.

This program is awesome. I've had it for just a week and already I am improving in class. Way better than anything else, especially flashcards!

I have a lot of Palm apps, and this is a favorite. It takes time to get up to speed on functionality (there's a lot of manual to read), but once you get the hang of it, it works exceptionally well. I loaded in my CFA flashcards and french vocab, and it's helped me learn this stuff more efficiently, which is precisely the point.

It's realy very useful aplication created for Palm platform. Who knows mybe the most usefull. I'm very impresed with simplicity and simple, but quite good interface.

I think it's a wonderful application. From personal experience I know it works.

I've been using SuperMemo to memorize the japanese kana and has worked quite well. I was surprized the kana characters scaled very nicely for the tests and drills. No problems encountered having SuperMemo displayed upside down using FlipHack. Keep up the good work.

I love it! It's really helping me to study for my Microsoft Exams. I find that I'm retaining a great deal more knowledge than I usually do when studying for my MS Exams. I wish I had something like this when I was back in high school! Just keep up the great work!!

I like it very much. It has really helped me. I was skeptical at first about the concept. But I've found that it really helps me to learn and remember things.

I think it's great because it helps me utilize my down time for something very usefull. Whenever I go on a trip I will put in a languge database to brush up or learn some of the language. I've used it to drill the fundementals of Holdem poker. I am very excited about the databases on your website being converted for the palm version.

Excellent application. I found SuperMemo for the PC a while back. As an educator I was very impressed with the concept. When I tried to use it however it just didn't fit my lifestyle. I just didn't turn on my desktop computer every day. I do use my PDA everyday - and it is great to be able to turn unprofitable waiting time into productive study time. I have a good list of things that I want to learn, databases to find and/or create.

I've been testing the applications ability to help me learn multiple unrelated facts. It's working. It's ability to help with the learning process makes it a useful tool and addition to my Palm software. It's unique as far as Palm software is concerned. I'm impressed so far.

Thanks for the software. This is really wonderful software. I can whip this out anywhere and learn a few items or refresh my memory on some old subjects. This mates with the Palm wonderfully. I'd looked at the SuperMemo Windows version. It's nice but complicated and it's stuck on my desktop which doesn't move. The Palm makes it convenient and useful software. Having an instant on computing environment and fast application access means that I can learn anywhere anytime; even in the toilet, on a bus, in a taxi, in bed, anyplace that I have some spare time. That's powerful!

Nice! A flash card program that uses feedback from your confidence to minimize training time. And the Palm is a GREAT platform for this kind of program; the program is a GREAT app for the Palm: a perfect match!

A very natural reaction to this program is "Gee, I can learn something! Where are all the data sets?"

I think it is a good application, well writen and well documented. It also has a lot of material with regards to the method in itself, which helps.

Thank you for this great piece of software!!! I really like this application. It is the most powerful tool on my Palm.

Thanks for writing Supermemo. Nicely written and a genuinely fresh concept for the Palm. I've been using it for the past week to learn Spanish verb conjugations (the ultimate test!).

SuperMemo is great!!! Let me tell you something: I love to learn, but I hate to study. Right now I am learning Japanese; and let me assure you that it is very difficult, I was getting behind the classes because I was not reviewing my notes nor studying my classes. One of the reason for this, is that I did not want to carry both my notebook and book with me to take them to work, lunch, the Laundromat, etc. SuperMemo has changed all this; I can enter all my notes into SuperMemo, and with a little help of CJKOS, I have all the information that I need to study anytime I want, everywhere I go. Now, I feel like I have a 24 hr. tutor on my side ready to teach me new stuff, and quiz me on the subjects that I have learned. I still hate to study... but I love even more to learn. Keep up the excellent work.

It has helped me remember a lot of new facts in a new working environment certainly more quickly than I would have done without it. It is simple to use, and the benefits can be quickly seen - its the sort of app you look at and think - why didn't I think of that?

I've been looking for a learning tool like this for over a year! Now, my studying is being retained beyond just taking the test.

BTW, your SuperMemo application is great! I've LEARNED more networking related facts in the past 4 days than I have in the past 4 months!! No Kidding! I went to your site on PalmGear to see if I could find something about the smconv.exe utility, and noticed that your app is taking a lot of heat right now... I checked out the [product name removed] app, and noticed that they offer a big deal about multiple choice questions. WHOOPEE!!! What good is multiple choice going to do you??? If you were given the test from someone else, it would see if you knew the correct answer. However, if you were the one to enter the question, and also the subsequent multiple choice answers, you would immediately know the correct answer. Your app works well... Dry Question (with no hints) Dry Answer Bang-Bang you know the drill : ) You learn it that way, and you KNOW something!!

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