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SuperMemo Manual

  Quick Start
  Read this short guide if you really do not have time to read the manual.
  Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  An on-line document with answers to questions often asked by SuperMemo users. You will also find various tips and tricks here.
  What Is New In SuperMemo 2.0
  A short guide for users of previous versions of SuperMemo. This documents shows and explains new features of SuperMemo 2.0.
1.  Introduction to SuperMemo
  You should read this part even if you do not read manuals usually. It is not too long and without understanding the logic behind the SuperMemo method explained here, your learning would be inefficient.
 1.  What is SuperMemo?
  Idea and principle of the SuperMemo method
 2.  What is it good for?
  The problem of forgetting and the SuperMemo solution
 3.  SuperMemo Glossary
  Basic SuperMemo terms such as Test, Drill or Template
 4.  Learning with SuperMemo
  Suggestions for learning with the SuperMemo method
 5.  Further Reading
  Links to more information about the SuperMemo method
2.  Using the SuperMemo Software
  This part explains the usage of the actual SuperMemo software on your handheld device. It will tell you what functions are available and how to work with them. It is worth reading as some of the many features might be hidden or not so obvious.
 1.  Database List
  The main screen of the SuperMemo application
 2.  Database Details
  Information about selected or all databases
 3.  Tests
  Test phases and navigation in the tests
 4.  Drills
  Drill phases and navigation in the drills
 5.  Card List
  The main screen of the current database
 6.  Card Details
  Information about the current card
 7.  Editing Cards
  Navigation in the editor and renaming item fields
 8.  Viewing Cards
  Browsing items in a pack of cards
 9.  Categories
  Creating, deleting, renaming and merging categories
 10.  Templates
  Editing category templates to define the look of cards
 11.  Searching
  Using SuperMemo databases as pocket dictionaries
 12.  Import and Backup
  Cooperation with your desktop computer

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