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Aviation Flashcards

  Author     Mark Phillips  
  Cards     150  
  Size     36 KB     download  
  Price     free  

Aviation Flashcards is a set of SuperMemo databases created to study material covered in the FAA Airmen Knowledge Test for Private Pilot--Airplane.

The databases are:

  • Aviation Airspace - 50 cards covering airspace regulations.
  • Aviation Info 1 - 50 cards covering a range of topics, including airspeeds, compass errors, transponder codes, and light gun signals.
  • Aviation Info 2 - 50 cards covering a range of topics, including altitudes, altimeters, and right-of-way rules.
Feel free to modify and share the databases. Substitute Va, Vy, etc. with the appropriate airspeeds of the aircraft you fly. This is not a comprehensive review. Limited time and space forced me to omit many important topics and many important details. I am sure errors and inaccuracies remain despite my attempts to get the information correct. When in doubt, check the current FAR's and other references before you decide an answer in this set is correct.

Card List #1
Sample Card
Card List #2
Card List #3

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