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SuperMemo Knowledge Goldmine

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Karate White Belt

  Author     Sandra Stoyanovich  
  Cards     62  
  Size     7 KB     download  
  Price     free  

In this database you can find all of the moves, terms and katas for the White Belt. It is important to note that this database pertains to Karate, Goyju-ryu Style, Meibu-Kai School.

Other schools, and particularly other styles will differ greatly in the moves and katas they teach, however, Meibu-Kai is relatively widespread. I found it extremely useful to learn all of the Japanese words that we learned. SuperMemo also reminded me when to practice my moves and katas (on the basis that muscle memory is similar to cognitive memory).

The Katas with an asterisk beside them denote the ones to practice. Other katas are just in there to learn their names and translations. They are not White Belt katas.

Card List #1
Sample Card - Question Side
Card List #2
Sample Card - Answer Side

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