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Mega Memory

  Author     Jeffrey Byrne  
  Cards     119  
  Size     9 KB     download  
  Price     free  

This database is a review of Kevin Trudeau's Mega Memory system. This system gives the student techniques for quickly memorizing simple lists and names, as well as more advanced techniques for memorizing long numbers. This database reviews the main elements the system, but focuses on the advanced number techniques which require the rote memorization of 100 "number pictures" based on 10 phonetic sounds.

For example, the number 1 has the phonetic sound ta, and the number 5 has the phonetic sound la. The number 15 therefore is given the number picture tail. Long numbers can then be reduced to crazy chains of pictures, making them easier to memorize. This may be useful, but it takes a significant investment to learn the number pictures by heart. These are included in the database for easy flashcard review.

Please note that this database is only useful when used along with the Mega Memory book. The book itself gives the technique and background necessary to understand the system. Three categories are included in the database:

  • General: Contains basic information about the course covered in chapters 1-9 (9 questions)
  • Phonetics: Reviews the phonetic sounds from chapter 18 that form the basis of the number picture list (10 questions)
  • Number Pictures: Reviews the number pictures 1-100 from chapters 19-22 (100 questions)
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