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SuperMemo Knowledge Goldmine

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Multiplication Table through 20x20

  Author     SMKG  
  Cards     400  
  Size     18 KB     download  
  Price     free  

Do you know how much is fourteen times seventeen? Eight times twelve? Seven times fifteen? Do you always carry a calculator with you? And even if you do, how long does it take to pull it out? Now you can master the multiplication table through 20 x 20! It is really no problem with SuperMemo.

You will be surprised how helpful this knowledge can be in your daily life, at work, when shopping, etc. Learn all 400 cards and become Mr. Math. Your colleagues will admire you.

But if you feel that you would be happy enough with a smaller table, you can get the Multiplication Table through 10x10 instead.

Card List
Sample Card #2
Sample Card #1
Sample Card #3

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